Multi User Web Database Management
(Interface for Microsoft SQL Server)

Welcome to ASPdatabase.NET

ASPdatabase Version 1.0 was first released in 2003.
A lot has changed since then.

A modern AJAX-based version of ASPdatabase.NET is currently being built.
Stay tuned for an upcoming Version 2.0.

-- Michael Tanner (January 28, 2014)

ASPdatabase.NET Version 2.0 Thumbnail
Version 2.0 is now being built!
(Note: at this time, most info on this site relates to the deprecated version 1.0).

What is is an online database management program that enables web-based editing of database tables in Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server. lets you view, edit, delete and create new records in a database table. Additionally, you can manage the tables themselves by creating new tables, dropping tables, adding columns to tables and deleting columns from tables.

How does work? is an Active Server Pages application that works on any Windows server with ASP 3.0. No COM objects will need to be installed. Database connections can be established with a DSN or directly to the database in Microsoft Access via a Jet Database connection or in Microsoft SQL Server via IP address. All that is required on the client is Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater on a Windows machine.

Who is for? is ideal for web programmers who develop database driven websites and need to remotely access database files. Upload a Microsoft Access database file to your web server and use to manage the database file with a web browser. is also great for content managers to use as a data entry tool to databases on a remote website.

Customer Comment

" is a simple way for our administrative people to add, update and maintain our membership’s information. After searching the web and testing a few different scripts, was our choice."
— Chuck - Ohio, USA

How much does cost? 1.0 is no longer supported. For trial download and purchase information please see the Download Page.